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States of life 2019

Wisdom accompanies the truth Courage overcomes the doubt States of life Gave birth to a pure and warm soul

NTPC Children’s Art Festival 2019

There are eight kinds of bears in the world, and Taiwan has one of them: the Taiwan black bear, nicknamed Moon Bear. Creative concept: The shape of the Taiwanese black bear clearly shows the V-shaped features on their chest. The transparent texture similar to the gummy bear is used to attract attention. It is noted […]

Pingtung Christmas Festival 2018

Pink metamorphosis What people have been searching for during Christmas is actually from the body and deep in memory, a pink coating, a gentle blessing. After saying goodbye to past and loss again and again, learn to reflect and be grateful, and to meet a better self is the most precious gift.Pink is a newborn, […]

YARIS x First Dream 2018

At the beginning of the realization of youth dreams, YARIS X Art Rouge Sculpture Studio on April 27th. We invited to turn your life together and realize the three stages of dreams: “Have Dream, Dare to Dream,” and “Willing to Dream”.


The Pingtung County Government cooperated with art curator Kuan Chung ,Lai to launch a large robot doll, hoping to use art design and painting to let more people know the different Pingtung! The Pingtung County Government ’s Office of Observation and Interpretation said that robots, regardless of age, region, and gender, are universally recognized images, […]

Chinese New Year of the dog 2018

Gone with the rooster year , welcomed the new year of the Dog to bid farewell to the past year, and welcomed the new year. The “dachshund” as the protagonist’s idea lies in the longevity, prosperity, and lively symbol of the dachshund. A symbol of hope for the new year with vigor and vitality

NTPC Children’s Art Festival 2018

Under the theme of “Return to Monster Island”, the 2018 New Taipei City Children’s Art Festival invites all friends, large and small, to come to the monster paradise full of childlike fun, and awaken the childlike heart in everyone’s body! A total of more than 50 programs or facilities are planned this year.

NTPC Children’s Art Festival 2017

Welcome to Monster Island, exciting events are waiting for you! Here are the interactive experiences of 6 cute monsters,Fun games from 6 museums in New Taipei City and New Taipei City Art Museum,There are also 6 domestic and foreign artists bringing 10 groups of nearly 30 art installations,Good shopping, fun shooting and joyful!

Happy Christmas Macaron 2017

Time flies quickly to a festive Christmas season This year M Square invite ”Macaron “to celebrate Christmas with everyone。 When you step into M Square you can find the cute figure of “Macaron”,Sincerely invite you to take photos, check in and share Happy christmas. Colorful Macarons greet the new year with you,Right at Msquare!


This time, sculptor Kuan Chung, Lai and well-known artist Jing Teng, Xiao collaborated together the main activity of the love event,【Own life, dominate it. 】Based on this idea, encourage everyone to bravely adhere to and show their true colors in the face of different challenges in life. Friends who sign up for the live event […]

“Summer Ice Fruit” 2017

【Ice. Baton. Say】 Each large popsicle device with a height of more than 200 cm will make it shine at night, and it will become cooler and cooler every night; Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi Xintiandi A4 gate, a whole piece of huge popsicle sea, Let people passing by take photos and punch in! And […]

The Miracle Appears 2017

The most artistic department store in 2017 is in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. For several consecutive years, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi has launched special exhibitions of the Spring Festival space. Again invited Kuan Chung ,Lai, an Asian modern sculpture artist, to create a ” Exhibition of the Year of the Rooster—The Miracle Appears” rich rooster series The […]

Phoenix blossom 2017

The theme of the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival Lantern Festival is “Golden Year Blossom”, combining the image of “Golden Year (Rooster)” and “2018 Taichung World Flower Expo”, artists from the fields of sculpture, illustration and graphic art are specially invited to participate in the design of lanterns. Many groups of Q version rooster-shaped lanterns filled […]

King of Ocean 2016

Taichung is the origin and curatorial center of International TSAI-MO art. With the support of Taichung City Government Cultural Bureau, the International Painter and Ink Painters Federation is responsible for planning multi-national exhibitions and assisting in the 15-year-old Taichung TSAI-MO Art Festival This year, in 2016, the 15th Taichung TSAI-MO Art Festival will take the […]

New Year of the Monkey 2016

To welcome the Year of the Monkey, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi invites Taiwan’s emerging sculpture artist Kuan Chung ,Lai in 2016. With his large-scale sculpture works, he exhibited a new creation of the ” New Year of the Monkey” series “2016 New Year Space Special Exhibition-Wonderland Fantasy” at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, more than 30 , The […]

Ice Cream Cone 2015

“Ice Cream Cone” Tianjin TEDA Summer Art Festival Info: When you hear the familiar voice, “Ba Bu、Ba Bu 、Ba~~~Bu” you know that delicious ice cream is here again. This is a “Childhood flavor” that many people can’t replace in their hearts. Simple happiness, sprout, joy and smile as a child, memories of the great happiness […]

Reader Rabbit – Love Always Everrich Art Festival 2015

The 2015 Everrich Art Festival is based on the concept theme of “Love Always @Infinite”, and invites local artists Kuan Chung,Lai and Andy Yen from Taichung to invite you to discover and pass love at Taichung Airport. We hope that through the exhibition, visitors to the airport can experience the infinite power of love through […]

“Elizabeth” Original Festiva 2014

“Thousands of hammers and hard work, creating brilliant, won its crown. “ In this generation of girls, they can finally shake off the traditional shackles of Bourjoya, and gradually get tired of the sweet princess image in the good age, and start a wonderful adventure chapter of their own life with unique style. Even though […]

Moom Bear 2014

There are eight kinds of bears in the world, and Taiwan has one of them. The Taiwan black bear is also called “Moon Bear”.With the shape of a Taiwanese black bear, it clearly shows the V-shaped characteristics on the chest. It uses a transparent texture similar to gummy bears to attract attention. It notices that […]

Ba Bu 2013

When you hear the familiar voice, “Ba Bu、Ba Bu 、Ba~~~Bu” you know that delicious ice cream is here again. This is a “Childhood flavor” that many people can’t replace in their hearts. In the summer of 2013, an innocent happiness fell in the city; simple happiness, sprout, joy and smile as a child, memories of […]