New Year of the Monkey 2016

OrganizerShin Kong Mitsukoshi
ThemeNew Year of the Monkey

To welcome the Year of the Monkey, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi invites Taiwan’s emerging sculpture artist Kuan Chung ,Lai in 2016. With his large-scale sculpture works, he exhibited a new creation of the ” New Year of the Monkey” series “2016 New Year Space Special Exhibition-Wonderland Fantasy” at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, more than 30 , The works will be jointly exhibited in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi from Taiwan to February 29.
” Good New Year of the Monkey ” is a series of fantasy journeys featuring the five protagonists of monkeys with different personalities and characteristics. The work “Dream Goofy” symbolizes that in the new year, we will strive to pursue our unfulfilled dreams, “Be Brave” shows that no matter how difficult it is, They must be like monkeys who love bananas, catch it firmly and the things will work out fine. “Choose Avenue” reminds everyone to stop and take a break before choosing a road, and then set out to work hard to wait.

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