Pingtung Christmas Festival 2018

OrganizerPingtung County Government
ThemePingtung Christmas festival

Pink metamorphosis
What people have been searching for during Christmas is actually from the body and deep in memory, a pink coating, a gentle blessing. After saying goodbye to past and loss again and again, learn to reflect and be grateful, and to meet a better self is the most precious gift.
Pink is a newborn, but also when the adult accepts himself, without disguise, without transformation. Love yourself is pink.Pink love is not kitsch nor weak. It awakens women’s consciousness, tears off the labels of conditions and norms, and allows the collective society to think more broadly and freely.
“Female power ” does not focus on achievement or career, but understands that beauty can have many looks, and bravely takes a princess dream in her teens to splurge on her youth in her 20s. In the complex social practice, she came to the 30s No matter what age, identity, or role you are, you can pick up your favorite doll, tie the cutest tress, eat the most healing dessert, and pull the skirt corner freely. It is important to always stand on your side and believe that happiness is worth yearning for, and effort is unfolded from the inside out.
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