Phoenix blossom 2017

OrganizerTaichung City Government
ThemeCentral Taiwan Lantern Festival

The theme of the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival Lantern Festival is “Golden Year Blossom”, combining the image of “Golden Year (Rooster)” and “2018 Taichung World Flower Expo”, artists from the fields of sculpture, illustration and graphic art are specially invited to participate in the design of lanterns. Many groups of Q version rooster-shaped lanterns filled with the atmosphere of the New Year, a welcome light gallery, water lanterns, etc.

The main lighting designer and sculptor Kuan Chung ,Lai pointed out that the lantern festival uses the Phoenix, the king of birds, as the theme of the Year of the Rooster. Taichung Park is a male “phoenix”, highlighting the male spirit with yellow tones, and Qingshui is “phoenix”, showing the feminine beauty in red and pink. While the “Phoenix Blossom” main light show will be synchronized in the dual-light zone at 7 o’clock to 10 o’clock every night.