YARIS x First Dream 2018

ThemeYARIS x 「First dream」Turning Life Together

At the beginning of the realization of youth dreams, YARIS X Art Rouge Sculpture Studio on April 27th. We Invited to turn your life together and realize the three stages of dreams: “Have Dream, Dare to Dream,” and “Willing to Dream”.

The launch of the new YARIS car invites LUCAS with Pingtung characteristics to practice the beginning of the dream, from everyone’s childhood to their adulthood, from a dreaming child to an adult who is willing to dream. The mirrored squares and lighting effects inside the “First Dream” symbolize flipping life, let us feel the present, past and future in parallel time and space together.
“First Dream” will be exhibited in Huashan1914 Creative Park. It is not only expected that YARIS will meet the public with a new look. If you are willing to dream, let us go back to childhood and remember the first dream. It looks like a journey of dreams with YARIS and LUCAS in a bright and happy mood.