Happy Christmas Macaron 2017

OrganizerM Square
ThemeHappy Christmas Macaron

The most artistic department store in 2017 is in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. For several consecutive years, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi has launched special exhibitions of the Spring Festival space. Again invited Kuan Chung ,Lai, an Asian modern sculpture artist, to create a ” Exhibition of the Year of the Rooster—The Miracle Appears” rich rooster series The work, exhibited 21 large-scale creations in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taiwan. In addition to the surprise that broke the egg, and the idea of rooster as the mundane incarnation of the phoenix, the gorgeous and domineering wing of the Phoenix spreads the wings with the public to welcome the 2017 exhibition.
Event link:https://video.udn.com/news/629546