3-Art works

Inside the cloud 2015

Come with the wind Ever-changing yet so light and comfortable With a calm smile I just want to stay in the cloud

Moonlight 2016

The temperature of the night comes from the moonlight The inner courage comes from me Without the clouds to rely on There is freedom Forgetting the tangled memories Looking at the moon Are you still moving?

Vespers 2022

Only when you bow your head to thank you can you feel the body full of strength Eternal moment No more trouble Peace and self

The Gift 2022

There is love and respect between advancing and retreating Let go of useless persistence All that remains is to listen Beautiful pas de deux The warmth of hugging each other is the best gift.

Wind blowing 2022

Blowing the hair also blows the mind Regardless of the tears on the face Just run hard towards the sun the path of the soul Happiness is not far away

Victory and Glory 2021

The power of divine light Soaring against the wind Holding up the victory gesture Comes with lucky antlers

Solo Cello dancing alone 2021

From classical to jazz From band to solo Restless old soul Alcohol with bow and string friction under the moonlight Solo Cello dancing alone

The dream of boundaryless 2021

Because there are no wings, So longing to fly, In the reflection of colorful bubbles, run with open arms and fly to the border of dreams.

The glory arrow of light 2020

The light emitted by the soul shines with a gentle rhythm The full bow is loaded with humble courage The firm and soft heart In the direction of hope The glory arrow of light

23.5 Degrees 2019

Seasonal changes due to inclination The clouds are floating in the sky in the gesture of ink and water The nature is everywhere The two ends of the scale are the wings of the waves The memory stops time It is the clouds hidden in the sleeves
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