About us 關於我們


People are a starting point of creation, fond of the close interaction of large-scale sculptures, from every angle from touch to embrace. During the time of creation, in order to be good depends on knowledge of size, proportion, and material to bring out all sorts of senses in vitality. To allow art to enter a crowd is to become a part of life. Use heart to experience, experience to live.


雕塑藝術家 - 賴冠仲 Lai Kuan-Chung 



1982      出生於台灣台中市

              Born in Taichung, Taiwan


2000      師事余燈銓雕塑家

              Apprentice to Master Sculptor Yu Deng-Chuan


2001      擔任台中市雕塑學會秘書

              Secretary, Taichung Sculpture Association


2002      台中郵政處理中心公共藝術創作團隊

              Public Art Program, Taichung Mail Processing Center


2004      擔任全省美展永久免審查作家協會總幹事


              Executive Secretary, Provincial Association of Permanent Qualified Artists

              Public Art Program, Hui Wen Elementary School


2005     勤益技術學院公共藝術創作團隊



             Public Art Program, National Chin-Yi University of Technology

             Public Art Program, Jen-Mei Elementary School

             Public Art Program, Shi-Yuan Senior High School


2006     台中國家音樂廳競圖比賽展場設計



             Exhibition Design, Taichung National Concert Hall Design Competition

             Lighting Design, Fo Guang Shan, South Island New Zealand

             Public Art Program, Guo-An Elementary School


2007     省三國小公共藝術創作團隊



             Public Art Program, Sing-San Elementary School

             Public Art Program, Shang-Shih Elementary School

             Festival d'Avignon, France


2008      大甲高工公共藝術創作團隊

              Public Art Program, Da-Jia Industrial Senior High School


2009     成立入矩雕塑工作室



             Established Art Rouge Sculpture Studio

             Lisiping Community Revitalization Program, Jhuo Lan, Miaoli County

             Library Entrance Conceptual Design, Overseas Chinese University